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Social Security Disability

If you are injured or suffer from a medical or psychological condition that prevents you from working AND your condition is expected to last one year or more, you may be eligible for monetary benefits from the federal government. The Social Security Administration operates two different programs that provide financial assistance to individuals that have been determined to be disabled. These programs are known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Both of these programs have different requirements for purposes of eligibility and they provide different benefits for applicants once they are approved. Understanding the different eligibility requirements and benefits can often be confusing to an individual that has no experience with these programs. Unfortunately, understanding the programs is not the only difficulty applicants encounter. The application process itself can be very long and intimidating and many applicants simply give up or fail to meet one of the many deadlines.

If you have filed for SSDI or SSI, or both, don’t give up on your claim. Speak to an experienced attorney that can explain the different programs and the application process. Having an attorney that is knowledgeable in medical issues as well as the rules and requirements that will be applied by the administrative law judge can often be the difference in succeeding in your claim.